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Turkey Taco Soup

1 cup or 250 ml Onion, chopped, or 1/4 cup (60 ml) dried onion flakes
2 tsp or 10 ml Canola oil
1 lb. or 454 g Ground turkey or chicken*
4 oz. or 1-18 mL Canned chopped green chillies
19 oz. or 1-562 ml Canned crushed tomatoes, reduced sodium
6 cups or 1.5 L Chicken broth, low sodium
2 cups or 500 ml Corn kernels, frozen (or canned, low sodium)
1 cup or 75 ml Chopped cilantro or parsley
1/2 cup or 125 ml Multigrain tortilla chips, broken
1/4 cup or 60 ml Cheddar cheese, reduced fat, grated


Sesame Noodle Salad

 8 oz. or 225 g Chow mein Chinese noodles or whole wheat linguini noodles
 1/2 cup or 125 ml Chunky peanut butter, low fat, low sugar
 2 tsp or 20 ml Sesame oil
 2 tbsp or 60 ml Soy sauce, low sodium
 1 tsp or 5 ml Ginger
 1 tsp or 5 ml Cayenne pepper
 2 Cloves of garlic, minced
 1/3 cup or 80 ml Chicken broth, warmed, reduced sodium, low fat

 2 tsp or 10 ml

Canola Oil
Medium red pepper, cut into 3.8 inch or 1 cm pieces

Green onions, sliced in long, thin pieces

 To taste

Sesame seeds for garnish

 1 cup or 250 ml

Cooked pork or chicken (optional)


Greek Steak Sandwich

1 lb or 454 g Beef fast-fry lean minute steak, cut in four pieces
1 tsp or 5 ml Each: garlic powder and black pepper
1/2 cup or 125 ml Low fat plain yogurt
1/4 cup or 60 ml Light mayonnaise
1/2 cup or 125 ml Each: diced cucumber and tomato
2 tsp or 10 ml Dried oregano
4-8 Boston or butter lettuce leaves
2 Greek-style whole grain pita bread (no pocket pita), 6 1/2" halved
  Crumbled feta cheese and sliced black olives (optional)

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